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Lucia Dramat

21 Days In Full Bloom

21 Days In Full Bloom

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In a world with so much information, chaos and opinions readily available it is easily to feel tired, demotivated and despondent. The pace at which we live, the amount of information we consume and the number of decisions we need to make daily can be overwhelming. Slipping into an autopilot state that gets you through the day and the chaos that needs to be faced is understandable.

You can take your life back and enjoy it by simply taking a few minutes to be intentional about your thoughts. Fifteen minutes a day can make such a big difference and jolt you out of that autopilot state.

This twenty-one days In Full Bloom experience will help you to:

  • Find your fuel for life by rediscovering your purpose and aiming for it.
  • Weed out the negative thoughts that have paralysed your desire to take action.
  • Build your confidence by instilling and reinforcing the affirmative attributes that often escape you when you need it most.
  • Enjoy a happier, peaceful and positive life.

You have more control than you can imagine. When you tap into it, you’ll see phenomenal results.

In January 2021 we will kick off the 21 Days In Full Bloom experience creating a community, support and accountability system around 21 Days In Full Bloom Book details to follow.


Lucia Dramat, certified Life Coach, has spent ten years motivating, encouraging and training people to live fulfilled and successful lives. She has developed Strategise Your Outstanding Life seminar that equips attendees to launch forward. Lucia is a radio presenter, podcast host on the inspirational Beyond The Spotlight Podcast and has appeared on multiple TV shows. She resides in Somerset West, South Africa with her husband and sons.

All orders of this product will be dispatched on and from Monday 15 April

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